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"I've been very impressed by what the team has achieved with DataPastry's guidance.

They helped us uncover areas for improvement in terms of how we were running our experiments and as a result we were able to improve the accuracy of our system by an order of magnitude."

Chris Drake, Chief Technology Officer, Resilient plc

Data science. Everyone's talking about it.

But few companies actually do data science correctly. Dodgy data, vanity metrics and dysfunctional teams are the norm in industry.

If you're struggling with any of these problems:

Then you've come to the right place. As experts in the entire data science process from end to end, we’re happy to help you at any stage of the data science journey.

Need help with more than just execution? We also have lots of experience with hiring, training, strategy and data architecture.

If you'd like some help with your data problems, book a free 30-minute consultation with one of our expert data scientists.

What We Do

At DataPastry, we treat data science like a robust engineering discipline: no buzzwords, just results. With some delicious pastries thrown in.


    We run fast-paced, agile 4-6 week projects to identify the value in your data and surface any issues.


    We work with you to build a roadmap for getting the most from your data.


    We help you hire the right data specialists and advise you on how to get the most from them. Max value, min cost.


    Already have people working on data science problems but they’re struggling a bit? No problem! We provide training and support services to upskill your team while also helping to solve your problems.


    We ensure your data is stored in a way that is scalable, reliable and easy-to-use, thus establishing a strong foundation for future analytics work.


    We take your messy data and turn it into valuable predictive models and insights. Our data scientists are obsessive about delivering value efficiently and work across the spectrum from defining the initial problem through to productionisation.


    Metrics, metrics, metrics. Easy to talk about, easy to get wrong. We'll integrate your business knowledge with our deep understanding of statistics to make sure you're tracking and optimising for the right offline and online metrics across your company.


    We perform complete handover as part of each engagement, so you'll always have control. Should you need it, we also offer multiple levels of cost-effective support from expert data scientists.

Want to discuss your data? Book a free 30-minute consultation with one of our expert data scientists.


Daoud Clarke

Principal Data Scientist

Iskander Yusof

Principal Data Scientist

Partner Network

Vetted Experts

Daoud Clarke has a PhD in natural language processing and 10 years' experience in industry as a data scientist and software engineer.

Daoud helped generate an additional £10m in revenue for The Times with a project to increase retention through personalised recommendations. At Tesco, he has helped improve the profitability of online sales through optimisations to recommendations and search.

Daoud has extensive experience in applied machine learning and text mining. He is an expert in vector based representations of meaning in natural language.

Daoud believes doughnuts are not pastries.

Iskander Yusof has built his career out of using data to solve problems. He has held lead and senior data scientist roles at companies ranging from small startups to large enterprises.

At Nissan, Iskander was responsible for data platforms and machine learning across all company websites around the world, serving tens of millions of visitors daily.

Iskander's other engagements include churn modelling at Vodafone, developing new data products for Pfizer, working as an early software engineer at True Knowledge (now Evi, acquired by Amazon) and getting professionals started in data science as chief instructor at Step Function.

Iskander has a Masters in Mathematics from the University of Warwick (completed age 15) and an MSc in Computer Science from Imperial College London.

Iskander thinks doughnuts are pastries.

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